The First Post

This actually isn’t the first post I’ve ever made, it’s probably closer to the five hundred thousandth, but since there’s no context for those thousands and thousands of lost posts, we’ll call this the first.

Once upon a time, creative writing was my main hobby. It consumed my every waking moment, and many of my sleeping moments as well. It was a terrific outlet and the ultimate escape. Every day, for hours, I escaped in to my own fantastical world where anything was possible and nothing could go wrong- unless I decided it would.

Those days are long gone. I have many other hobbies, interests, I even have occupations. But I miss writing. Sometimes I journal, but it isn’t quite the same. Blogging has the opportunity to connect the writer to other writers, or even a small audience, and I want that. Maybe I just want the attention- but who can blame me? I am pretty awesome.


Tell It Like It Is

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