Derecho of the Heart

Today the weather was sunny and grey at turns, which was perfect, I thought, because it matched the climate of my heart. I pine for love, I revel in the glory of an early summer day, demons dog my every step and I beat them back with my bare fist. A long day, a productive one. My body is heavy with fatigue and contentment from a wholesome dinner, I still feel full of watermelon. Nothing better than a big bowl of ripe, chilled watermelon.

My zinnias are blooming, the aphids seem to have quit my peach bonsai, and fat little clusters of flower buds are forming on the mimosa trees. It rained so hard today that I couldn’t see twenty feet in front of me. It quit after about ten minutes, though. After it rained, the heat and humidity gave way to a sublime evening. The setting sun shredded the rainclouds as they dissipated, streaking the damp landscape with a delicious, warm yellow light.

My heart is heavy still, here at the end of the day, but I give it to you freely. You can make it light again. You can lift the troubles from on top of it with both of your hands, like so many glass marbles, and you can cast them aside for me. Then you can take your hands and touch my face, and I can touch yours, and we’ll embrace in the glow of the dying day; there may never be another like this.


Tell It Like It Is

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